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Onsite Music Programs for
Early Learning & Education Centre's



You're never too young to start learning music and with our ELC Music program created to harmonise across the early years learning framework - now our youngest of musicians can enjoy the benefits that early exposure to music provides.

Early exposure to music is proven to nourish, enrich and stimulate the youngest of children. This is why Lucid Music offers a specifically designed music program for Early Learning and Education Centre's across Sydney's Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs. Your dedicated tutor comes on-site to your ELC weekly to deliver a fun, engaging and inclusive lesson.

Your center's dedicated music instructor holds a valid working with children's clearance and is a passionate and experienced musician, who embrace teaching the younger musicians with respect and understanding.


If you would like to learn more about our ELC program, we would love to hear from you. We are more than happy to coordinate a one time complementary session at your Centre.


This session will allow you to experience first hand how our program works and meet your dedicated music instructor and tutor. To discuss your Center's requirements and book in your complementary session please use the button below.

The Benefits

  • Early exposure to music is proven to nourish, enrich and stimulate our youngest of musicians

  • Builds confidence, concentration and coordination at an early age in life

  • Promotes the value of being a part of a community that encompasses a love of music with no bias

  • Music is one of the few activities that uses both sides of the brain (logical and creative). This helps build important brain connections, the more connections we have the faster we are able to think

  • We come to you on a weekly basis and will focus on achieving specific musical goals regularly. This approach keeps children interested longer and is a fantastic opportunity to incorporate a musical component in the Centre's end of year parent presentation to show their development

  • With the involvement of your Centre's Educators they will be confident to continue practicing any of the skills learned that week with the children

Lesson Goals

  • Recognise a range of sounds, pitch and instruments

  • Identify vocal sounds through song

  • Understand Rhythm and Beat

Lesson Duration

  • 30 minutes of musical fun for all

  • Classes can be catered across a range of infants to preschoolers - Centre rooms

Holiday Programs

  • Let us help you coordinate additional programs

  • Instrument Showcase Days. We bring a range of amazing instruments and showcase how they're played

  • Musical Presentation - a planned number of classes across a period of time with the goal to prepare a mini musical presentation for family and friends.

ELC Contact Form

Your Complimentary ELC Session



We are excited at the opportunity to be involved in music education at your Early Learning and Education Centre (ELC).

To allow you to see first hand, at how we deliver our program and how it would complement your existing education program, we offer a complimentary session at your Centre, located on Sydney's' Northern Beaches.


Please complete the form below to register your interest for a complimentary session, or to simply organise a time to chat further about how we can assist you and your team.



Centre Capacity

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You can download a copy of our program brochure HERE


All lessons / programs are conducted in AEST/AEDT during the NSW Public School Term Calendar. Unless it is a specifically designed Holiday program for your early learning and education centre.


We are a mobile tuition services located on Sydney's Northern beaches. Our instructors and tutors are experienced across a divers range of instruments. You can learn more about the specific instruments HERE.

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