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Tuition Terms & Conditions

Here at Lucid Music we understand that emergencies, illness, and life in general happens so we have a couple of policies in place that you should be aware of:

  • If you need to cancel and provide over 24 hours’ notice you are given an opportunity to have one make-up lesson during that term. A maximum of 1 make-up lesson is granted per term

  • Cancellations that are made within 4 hours of the scheduled lesson are forfeited. ~Same day cancellations may be credited under extenuating circumstances and this will be at the discretion of Lucid Music Tuition

  • We require 1 weeks’ notice if you wish to cease lessons. Less than 1 weeks’ notice will result in forfeit of fees

  • All invoices must be paid by the date specified on your invoice. If you have a payment concern please don’t hesitate to contact to discuss

  • Please do not arrange other activities too close to your scheduled lesson time. As we provide a mobile service sometimes our teachers can get caught up in traffic. We ask that you allow a 15-minute window as a grace period if a teacher is running late. They will always do their best to ensure they arrive to you promptly and on time

  • Your teacher will not cancel a lesson except in extenuating circumstances, such as illness or a personal emergency. In such cases, you will be contacted ASAP and a make-up lesson may be arranged. If this cannot be arranged, you will be refunded

  • We think our tutors are awesome and hope you do too! However, we have a policy in place not to disclose any contact details of the tutor to respect their privacy and downtime, and we request that you do not ask them for their details also

  • As our teachers will often need to get to another lesson after yours please ask them any questions on your child’s progression you may have within the first 2 minutes or last 2 minutes of their lesson

  • And finally, your home is the “studio”. Please ensure that the learning space is in a quiet part of the house where your child and tutor is least likely to be disturbed or distracted during the lesson

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your lessons. We want your experience with us to be professional, enriching and ongoing.

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