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Samuel W

Music Tutor

Fun Facts

Favourite Instrument - Guitar 

Favourite Band/Artist - Radiohead

Favourite Colour - Yellow

Why do you LOVE Music?

Music has a way of expressing beauty in every situation, whether they be happy, sad, boring, or everywhere in between. Music therefore gives us everything we need to create beautiful things in our lives.


Sam is an enthusiastic musician, singer and songwriter who started his musical journey on the guitar. Soon after, his musical taste began to develop, as did his skills in performance, composition, music theory, recording, and production. Over the years he also began to pick up other instruments, the most notable being bass guitar and piano/keyboard.

"When starting out Sam did not know that music would grow to become his passion, but lo and behold he is now a music tutor and loves it! He enjoys not only the practical skill of playing instruments, but sharing the knowledge and skill on to others. His students enthusiasm for music is one of his motivations to keep playing and experimenting with music and new instruments himself. After all, this is what makes music so enjoyable!

Some of Sam's favorite musical styles include indie/alt rock, orchestral soundtracks, and lofi music (of almost any sub-genre). He always has a new instrument that he wants to learn... right now it’s the ocarina! AND he's a die hard Radiohead fan!

Samuel W


Guitar/Bass | Piano/Keyboard | Composition | Recording & Production

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